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CMN 490

Applied Research Methods II

In this course, students in groups will conduct and complete their research projects proposed in CMN480. Attention will be devoted to data analysis techniques. The course will build on students’ previous course work in terms of theoretical perspectives and identification of issues related to professional communication. The course will conclude with students presenting the results of their research to the School and to their industry partners.

ProCom BA, Year 4

CMN 600

Science, Communication and Society

This course examines how critical scientific issues are communicated to science’s major stakeholders, the public and government, and within the scientific community itself. What works, what doesn’t, and why? In today’s multi-channel, electronic and media-dominated society, which communication strategies work best to ensure that complex issues of vital importance are communicated in a clear and engaging way? The course challenges students to theorize how science is, and should be, communicated in diverse social contexts.

Core Electives, ProCom BA
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