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CMN 316

Questioning Data

The course examines how political and professional agendas shape the collection and reporting of numerical data and the techniques for assessing the validity of quantitative research. Students will learn to think critically about the use of data in both professional settings and daily life and to develop numerical literacy and research skills necessary to understand and craft messages that communicate the results of quantitative research to public and professional audiences. 

Core Electives, ProCom BA

CMN 317

Information, Technology, and Control

The shift from industrial to information society is characterized by the integration of information and information technologies into the political process, the economy, health, and other areas. While information technologies open up possibilities for citizens to engage in public life, they also offer regulatory institutions modes of monitoring and controlling citizens. This course examines the relationship between information technologies and governance, and develops students’ capacity to engage critically with competing notions of the information society.

Core Electives, ProCom BA
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